Introducing: Gel Eye Liner Formula

SeaCliff Beauty Laboratories introduces a unique, long-lasting gel eyeliner formula for an impeccable application. Offering an array of color cosmetic stock formulas in their library, SeaCliff Beauty Laboratories provides new and innovative formulas featuring true color, quality materials and a combination of natural and performance materials all made in the USA.

The gel eye liner formula created by SeaCliff Beauty Laboratories is not only smudge-proof for all-day wear, but it is also water resistant for those looking to provide cosmetic products for consumers with an active lifestyle.

“We are excited to have both a laboratory and cosmetic contract manufacturing in our facility,” says Vonda Simon, owner and president of SeaCliff Beauty Packaging & Laboratories. “Our cosmetic stock library contains over 60 formulas for the eyes, lips and face and are able to change the color and scent of the final product to your preference.”

SeaCliff Beauty Laboratories provides a gel eye liner formula that has a pliable and smooth texture, thus allowing it to be applied effortlessly to the eyes in order to achieve a desired makeup look. The gel eye liner formula is available in a collection of intensified hues as well as an array of soft, natural tones for an eye-popping collection.


SeaCliff Beauty – bringing beauty to life!

SeaCliff Beauty Packaging & Laboratories is a leading global cosmetic packaging and new product cosmetic formulations supplier giving customers the unparalleled opportunity to have their products made entirely turn-key on the SeaCliff Beauty premises without the need for additional vendors. Offering infinite styles of empty refillable bottles, jars, airless containers, plastic or aluminum tubes, make-up cases and more, providing innovative commercial packaging designs that are tailored for each client. With experienced chemists on-site, SeaCliff Beauty also has ability to perform compatibility testing and develop new product formulations worldwide including London, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Sydney and major cities across Europe, North America and Asia for international clients. Working closely with the cosmetic brands, skin care, healthcare, and dental industries, Vonda Simon creates distinctive and customized packaging options with limitless possibilities.