Unique-Dispensing Tottle Component for Beauty and Skin Brands

body dispensing product

A new year often means a fresh look for brands that want to incorporate innovative components to showcase product additions. And at SeaCliff Beauty Packaging, our focus has always remained to introduce luxurious and innovative components for all beauty needs, like our unique tottle component that features a special push-button for easy dispersion.

This push-button tottle is made up of an inner EVOH tube that is underneath an ABS material overshell. With the hard overshell, the component is designed to provide an upscale look and increases perceived value to customers compared to regular tottles. The overshell features a button on both sides of the tottle that are pressed together in order to dispense the product out with ease.

This tottle is definitely a unique component and it will stand out with the rest of your products,” says Vonda Simon, owner and CEO of SeaCliff Beauty Packaging & Laboratories. “Many different skin care and cosmetic products can be used for this component such as moisturizer, primer, BB cream, or foundation.”

The push-button tottle features a prominent cap that snaps close and essentially locks the tottle to prevent any leakage.  The full component can be metalized, and the buttons and overshell can be injection molded in different colors.  Custom color spray, silkscreen, and hot stamp printing is available as well. 


SeaCliff Beauty Laboratories Introduces Moisturizing Lipstick Formula

lipstick formula

SeaCliff Beauty Laboratories introduces a moisturizing lipstick formula as part of their stock library, which provides a smooth and long-lasting application. The lipstick formula includes natural ingredients like Shea Butter to keep lips soft and smooth, as well as Beeswax for a strong wear-resistant protection. Available in both matte and cream options, customers can customize their collection by choosing the color and scent of the final product. SeaCliff Beauty Laboratories provides new and innovative formulas all made in the USA, featuring true color, quality materials and a combination of natural and performance materials.

“Only the best natural and high performance ingredients are used in the formula as well as the finest colored pigments for a big pay off,” says Vonda Simon, owner and CEO of SeaCliff Beauty Packaging & Laboratories.