Our Cosmetic Stock Library

In 2007, SeaCliff Beauty became an industry leader by successfully adding an onsite laboratory and manufacturing facility in order to produce and offer stock and custom cosmetic formulas.  We have equipped an innovative R&D Laboratory within our 12,000 sq ft. facility and continue to develop and perfect our cosmetic formulas.

Our beauty laboratory provides new and innovative formulas for:

mineral foundation, mineral primer, mineral loose/pressed powder, concealer, gel liner, lip balm, lip gloss, lip plumper, brow wax, lipstick (sheer, cream and matte)

Made in the U.S.A, our cosmetic formulas feature true color, quality materials and a combination of natural and performance materials that can be accommodated to your color and scent preferences. With years of industry experience, SeaCliff Beauty’s technically knowledgeable team has the expertise to provide personalized solutions that surpass industry standards.

cosmetic formulas


Valentine’s Day Packaging: Lip and Fragrance Components


It is no secret that packaging is the number one thing that catches a consumer’s eye when shopping for products. Design and concept is a message that brands work very closely with in order to market to the right customer and take everything into account, including holidays. Holidays are an essential season for brands to develop creative packaging and gift sets that can increase sales and attract new customers.

This week, Valentine’s Day will come and go but the gifts that most covet have been plastered in magazines, blogs and online sites labeled as “must haves” and “best gifts for him/her”.

So what type of packaging are consumers looking for during this Valentine’s season?

The obvious answer? Anything red or pink with white details such as lace, hearts or kisses. Whether it’s primary or secondary packaging, a product that has been designed specifically for this occasion will definitely stand out.

Fragrances are the top selling items during Valentine’s Day aside from flowers and chocolate. Packaging remains the same for the fragrances but it is the sets created by brands that makes it an easy and lovable gift option for consumers. According to this Beauty Packaging Magazine article, blush pink is a popular color for new women’s fragrances launching in 2013.

Valentine’s Day is most times focused more on the woman. Thus, it is no surprise to find cosmetic collections for your “sweetheart” that will give them a romantic makeover with her favorite products. From completely new collections to bundles of brand favorites, beauty brands can use this holiday to boost their sales and introduce new launches.

SeaCliff Beauty Introduces Unique-Dispensing Tottle Component for Beauty and Skin Brands

At SeaCliff Beauty Packaging, our focus has always remained to introduce luxurious and innovative components for all beauty needs, like our unique tottle component that features a special push-button for easy dispersion.

“This tottle is definitely a unique component and it will stand out with the rest of your products,” says Vonda Simon, owner and CEO of SeaCliff Beauty Packaging & Laboratories. “Many different skin care and cosmetic products can be used for this component such as moisturizer, primer, BB cream, or foundation.”

The push-button tottle features a prominent cap that snaps close and essentially locks the tottle to prevent any leakage.  The full component can be metalized, and the buttons and overshell can be injection molded in different colors.  Custom color spray, silkscreen, and hot stamp printing is available as well.