About mini kittour®

mini kittour® is the premier line of travel accessories created for the woman on-the-go. Beginning with cosmetics cases and empty bottles that conveniently carry all of your favorite beauty essentials, each product is a practical yet fashionable fusion of form and functionality. The difference is all in the details… Whether it’s a night out, a weekend getaway, or an extended vacation, mini kittour® offers smart, convenient, and customizable features that make traveling a cinch. Savvy, stylish and completely indispensable, mini kittour® was created to organize, simplify & beautify your life.

Making Your Products Stand Out

In past times, packaging was simply a container that held a coveted product for consumers. But today, packaging is key to closing a sale and gaining customers. Whether it be primary or secondary packaging, the usage of colors, fonts and designs is crucial to the creation process.

Understanding the vital role packaging plays in your product is important by connecting  a product with shoppers. However, with more money being spent on packaging and marketing, there is a need to establish criteria for effective packaging that will actually get your product from the shelves to consumers.

There are three key points to consider when selecting packaging:

  • Be recognized – create your brand identity and make a visual association that you want people to have with your products or services

  • Engage shoppers – evoke some kind of message that consumers will relate to and tap into their needs and desires

  • Point-of-Difference – create a logo or design that represents what your company offers as it is the first impression of your brand identity; you can also focus on marketing a particular ingredient or service that is unique from your brand

Akhassa Line



Benefits of Airless Packaging

At SeaCliff Beauty Packaging, we praise our airless components. Airless bottles have been hailed for their evacuation capabilities of up to 100% of the product. The various style options available and smooth dispensing method intrigue consumers who are also attracted to innovative packaging, thus enhancing the consumer experience.


With airless packaging, there is no dip tube found in standard pumps or sprays, they normally feature a diaphragm that rises to evacuate the product.  As the diaphragm moves up the inside of the bottle, pulled up by the vacuum pressure, the product is evacuated.  Other airless containers use a bag filled with product inside a hard container, but the concept of evacuating nearly all the product is the same.  According to a few sources, this high percentage usage is a great selling point for packaging, as it generates less waste and is perceived to be “greener”.

Double Wall Airless_HiResAirless packaging also guarantees precise and repeatable doses in the same amount and it offers excellent product protection. Formulas/product inside of the packaging are never exposed to air, which allow it to remain free from any contamination and also helps to extend shelf life.airless jar

A Little History on Lip Gloss

Usually an introduction to makeup wear, the lip gloss was first created by makeup pioneer, Max Factor, in 1932. The lip gloss was made entirely for cinematic purposes enhancing the look of any actress on the screen (black and white then).

max factor

Today, lip gloss is one of the most common and most used cosmetic products on the market. It has transformed from basic, clear liquid to an array of shades, flavors and effects: frosted, glittered, metallic, long-lasting or plumping.

Lip Gloss Generic

As with variety of lip gloss finishes, they may also be applied in many different ways. Some lip glosses come in cylindrical bottles, tubes or other innovative packaging components and are applied with rounded or angled applicator wands (doefoot) or a lip brush.  More solid lip glosses can be packaged in compacts or push-up tubes.

putting on lip gloss

Cosmetic Packaging: Eyeshadow Compacts

TSD-N001_Glamour Sho#A66508

Eye shadow color selections are like shoes, you can never have too many! From single shadow pots to shadow palettes, eye shadow packaging can be customized to your brand’s consumers.

If you are targeting makeup artists, a shadow palette with a wide range of colors and formulations may be their preference as they are working with clients on a daily basis. Because makeup artists go from photo shoots to makeup events, a large pallet with a variety of shades is most convenient to carry.


Palettes are also great for consumers that purchase cosmetics for personal use. It allows them to experiment and try out different color shades offered by your brand. The best palettes to choose contain a wide collection of colors, from neutrals to brighter shades in a blend of matte, shimmer and metallic finishes.


Single shadow pots are great for a brand just starting out with a few SKUs to sell individually before upgrading to palettes for their customers.

These single pots also allow brands to add new SKUs into their product line, such as exclusive seasonal colors, as well as offer popular shades from palettes that are used more often and run out faster.

Many plastic compacts and palettes can be produced with a custom color injection mold and finished with a custom color or metalized spray.  The components can be further customized with the company’s logo and any additional artwork using silk screen or hot stamp printing.

single shadow cases

Spring 2013 Color Trends


Last year, Pantone’s Color of the Year spectacle ruled the world in cosmetics, and tangerine tango was one hot commodity. Beauty brands created a hue specifically for this announcement so it was an accumulating time before it named its premier shade for this year.Emerald was chosen as Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2013, describing it as;

“Lively. Radiant. Lush…A color of elegance and beauty that enhances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony.”

According to GCI Magazine, the spring palette from Pantone has mixed together dynamic brights with novel neutrals to create a “harmonious balance” of colors for beauty. Due to the eco-friendly trend that continues to emerge, a natural overall look is buzzworthy with a pop of color around the eyes. “This allows for unique combinations that offer practicality and versatility, but at the same time, demand attention.” (source: GCI Magazine)

Source: Pantone

Source: Pantone

Cosmetic Applicators

makeup brushes

Cosmetic application requires the right tools to create a flawless look! Whether you are offering makeup tools or need to determine the correct applicators for your brand packaging, our company offers a large selection to complete packaging for your products.

lip applicator

When determining what product and packaging to offer, it is also important to select a unique design that will set you apart from the competition or use a common applicator that consumers are already familiar with. You have to figure out your goals with your packaging in order to go forward with production.

mascara brushes

SeaCliff Beauty Packaging offers a selection of makeup tools, eye liner applicators, lip gloss applicators and mascara brushes that can be customized to your packaging preferences. 

lips collage

SeaCliff Beauty Expands Airless Selection with Controlled-Dispensing Jar

SeaCliff Beauty Packaging & Laboratories introduces a new addition to their airless dispensing jars. This 35g airless jar component features an advanced concept and technology to allow the consumer to control the flow of the dispensed product through an engineered dial inside of the component. The dial can be turned to three different dispensing flow options. The jar also features an inner mirror underneath the cap which consumers can use for easy touch-ups while on the go.

The airless dispensing jar is an easy to use and consumer-driven component that can be used for many skin care and cosmetic products,” says Vonda Simon, Owner and CEO of SeaCliff Beauty Packaging. “Consumers will appreciate the dispensing options available to suit their personal beauty needs.”

The airless dispensing jar is made out of ABS, SAN and PP material and can be metalized or injection molded.  Custom decoration such as color spray, silkscreen and hot stamp printing is available as well.