Making Your Products Stand Out

In past times, packaging was simply a container that held a coveted product for consumers. But today, packaging is key to closing a sale and gaining customers. Whether it be primary or secondary packaging, the usage of colors, fonts and designs is crucial to the creation process.

Understanding the vital role packaging plays in your product is important by connecting  a product with shoppers. However, with more money being spent on packaging and marketing, there is a need to establish criteria for effective packaging that will actually get your product from the shelves to consumers.

There are three key points to consider when selecting packaging:

  • Be recognized – create your brand identity and make a visual association that you want people to have with your products or services

  • Engage shoppers – evoke some kind of message that consumers will relate to and tap into their needs and desires

  • Point-of-Difference – create a logo or design that represents what your company offers as it is the first impression of your brand identity; you can also focus on marketing a particular ingredient or service that is unique from your brand

Akhassa Line



Cosmetic Formula Feature: Mineral Soufflé Foundation

mineral souffle foundation

SeaCliff Beauty Laboratories introduces a mineral soufflé foundation that leaves the skin feeling smooth and looking flawless!

Our mineral souffle foundation is infused with Shea butter, allowing the skin to retain moisture while improving the skin tone. It’s airy texture provides full coverage for a flawless, airbrushed finish, at the same time evening out skin tone.

The mineral soufflé foundation can be best applied using SeaCliff Beauty’s unique Vibration Face Applicator, providing a smooth and even application onto the skin for a natural finish.

skin care

Owner and CEO of SeaCliff Beauty Packaging & Laboratories, Vonda Simon,  uses our mineral souffle foundation formula herself and of course, loves the texture and coverage it provides: “The mineral soufflé foundation formula is one that I have been using on myself for a while now…I love the feel and finish of the formula and know that beauty consumers will appreciate a light-weight formula with accomplished results.”

Beauty Packaging Capabilities: Production and Fill

At SeaCliff Beauty, we can not stress enough how important our clients are to us. We provide full services from packaging to cosmetic formulations to contract manufacturing. One of the advantages we have is our in-house laboratory where we offer a full turn-key experience. Upon formula and packaging approval, the manufacturing and filing process begins.

SeaCliff Beauty has a full range of compound and filling equipment for powder, liquid and emulsion products.  All compound and filling is performed under current Good Manufacturing Practices and FDA guidelines.

lip gloss fill

After your filled product is off the line, SeaCliff Beauty can ensure that your product is packed properly before shipping out. Including these finishing touches:

applying labels, unit carton packing and shrink wrapping

SeaCliff Beauty Laboratories Introduces Moisturizing Lipstick Formula

lipstick formula

SeaCliff Beauty Laboratories introduces a moisturizing lipstick formula as part of their stock library, which provides a smooth and long-lasting application. The lipstick formula includes natural ingredients like Shea Butter to keep lips soft and smooth, as well as Beeswax for a strong wear-resistant protection. Available in both matte and cream options, customers can customize their collection by choosing the color and scent of the final product. SeaCliff Beauty Laboratories provides new and innovative formulas all made in the USA, featuring true color, quality materials and a combination of natural and performance materials.

“Only the best natural and high performance ingredients are used in the formula as well as the finest colored pigments for a big pay off,” says Vonda Simon, owner and CEO of SeaCliff Beauty Packaging & Laboratories.