A Little History on Lip Gloss

Usually an introduction to makeup wear, the lip gloss was first created by makeup pioneer, Max Factor, in 1932. The lip gloss was made entirely for cinematic purposes enhancing the look of any actress on the screen (black and white then).

max factor

Today, lip gloss is one of the most common and most used cosmetic products on the market. It has transformed from basic, clear liquid to an array of shades, flavors and effects: frosted, glittered, metallic, long-lasting or plumping.

Lip Gloss Generic

As with variety of lip gloss finishes, they may also be applied in many different ways. Some lip glosses come in cylindrical bottles, tubes or other innovative packaging components and are applied with rounded or angled applicator wands (doefoot) or a lip brush.  More solid lip glosses can be packaged in compacts or push-up tubes.

putting on lip gloss


SeaCliff Beauty Packaging featured in this month’s Beauty Packaging Magazine!

SeaCliff Beauty’s lip gloss design for Naked Princess is featured in the magazine’s “Design Center” spread, showcasing innovative packaging from a variety of suppliers. The component created captures a luxury feel that Naked Princess requested using minimal but intrinsic details.

SeaCliff Beauty Packaging & Laboratories has produced a beautiful lip gloss component for Naked Princess, the new Beverly Hills-based lifestyle brand producing luxury lingerie, eco-chic beauty and body products. The simple design for the brand’s Naked Shine lip gloss is clasped in a clear component to showcase the eight shades of nude colors.

 To maintain consistent with their brand image, Naked Princess wanted a lip gloss component that would capture a world of luxury, enchantment and romance.

Instead of embellishing the component with elaborate decoration, SeaCliff Beauty provided a component with intrinsic details that would capture the luxury feel Naked Princess requested. The cap was sprayed with a custom pearl white color to keep consistency with other Naked Princess products while the body of the component, made of PMMA material, was silk-screened in white with the company’s name. For a smooth and precise product application, a doe foot was chosen for the lip gloss applicator.

“We are honored that Naked Princess chose SeaCliff Beauty to customize a lip component to introduce their new paraben-free lip gloss”, say Vonda Simon, founder and president of SeaCliff Beauty Packaging & Laboratories. “We know that this simple and elegant packaging will fit seamlessly into their line of luxurious products.”

SeaCliff Beauty can customize this 5ml component in a custom color and it can be silk screened on the bottle or cap. The applicator can also be switched out to a lip or mascara brush to provide other product options for this component.