Making Your Products Stand Out

In past times, packaging was simply a container that held a coveted product for consumers. But today, packaging is key to closing a sale and gaining customers. Whether it be primary or secondary packaging, the usage of colors, fonts and designs is crucial to the creation process.

Understanding the vital role packaging plays in your product is important by connecting  a product with shoppers. However, with more money being spent on packaging and marketing, there is a need to establish criteria for effective packaging that will actually get your product from the shelves to consumers.

There are three key points to consider when selecting packaging:

  • Be recognized – create your brand identity and make a visual association that you want people to have with your products or services

  • Engage shoppers – evoke some kind of message that consumers will relate to and tap into their needs and desires

  • Point-of-Difference – create a logo or design that represents what your company offers as it is the first impression of your brand identity; you can also focus on marketing a particular ingredient or service that is unique from your brand

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