Cosmetic Applicators

makeup brushes

Cosmetic application requires the right tools to create a flawless look! Whether you are offering makeup tools or need to determine the correct applicators for your brand packaging, our company offers a large selection to complete packaging for your products.

lip applicator

When determining what product and packaging to offer, it is also important to select a unique design that will set you apart from the competition or use a common applicator that consumers are already familiar with. You have to figure out your goals with your packaging in order to go forward with production.

mascara brushes

SeaCliff Beauty Packaging offers a selection of makeup tools, eye liner applicators, lip gloss applicators and mascara brushes that can be customized to your packaging preferences. 

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SeaCliff Beauty Expands Airless Selection with Controlled-Dispensing Jar

SeaCliff Beauty Packaging & Laboratories introduces a new addition to their airless dispensing jars. This 35g airless jar component features an advanced concept and technology to allow the consumer to control the flow of the dispensed product through an engineered dial inside of the component. The dial can be turned to three different dispensing flow options. The jar also features an inner mirror underneath the cap which consumers can use for easy touch-ups while on the go.

The airless dispensing jar is an easy to use and consumer-driven component that can be used for many skin care and cosmetic products,” says Vonda Simon, Owner and CEO of SeaCliff Beauty Packaging. “Consumers will appreciate the dispensing options available to suit their personal beauty needs.”

The airless dispensing jar is made out of ABS, SAN and PP material and can be metalized or injection molded.  Custom decoration such as color spray, silkscreen and hot stamp printing is available as well.

Cosmetic Formula Feature: Mineral Soufflé Foundation

mineral souffle foundation

SeaCliff Beauty Laboratories introduces a mineral soufflé foundation that leaves the skin feeling smooth and looking flawless!

Our mineral souffle foundation is infused with Shea butter, allowing the skin to retain moisture while improving the skin tone. It’s airy texture provides full coverage for a flawless, airbrushed finish, at the same time evening out skin tone.

The mineral soufflé foundation can be best applied using SeaCliff Beauty’s unique Vibration Face Applicator, providing a smooth and even application onto the skin for a natural finish.

skin care

Owner and CEO of SeaCliff Beauty Packaging & Laboratories, Vonda Simon,  uses our mineral souffle foundation formula herself and of course, loves the texture and coverage it provides: “The mineral soufflé foundation formula is one that I have been using on myself for a while now…I love the feel and finish of the formula and know that beauty consumers will appreciate a light-weight formula with accomplished results.”