Secondary Packaging for Beauty Products

Secondary packaging is usually what gets thrown away by a consumer once a product is purchased. However, it is equally important as the main packaging, and often times, receives more attention from consumers and vendors. The most common examples of secondary packaging include cardboard cartons, cardboard boxes and cardboard/plastic crates.

Secondary packaging has two valuable factors:

1) Branding: the creation of secondary packaging can prove beneficial for marketing strategy sorrounding the actual product. It can be used for display purposes and to give consumers an understanding of what a product is to deliver. It can increase a consumer’s attention based on design and can attribute itself to the target market.

2) Logistics: secondary packaging can help avoid damage to the actual product through shipping and transporting. It is intended to protect not only the product, but also the primary packaging.

At SeaCliff Beauty,we offer a large selection of different packaging options from stock designs to custom designs to fit your vision and budget.  We want to make your product launch to be as seamless as possible and help create the perfect collection that is both stylish and unique. We offer paper and textile bags as well as unit cartons.


Beauty Packaging Capabilities: Production and Fill

At SeaCliff Beauty, we can not stress enough how important our clients are to us. We provide full services from packaging to cosmetic formulations to contract manufacturing. One of the advantages we have is our in-house laboratory where we offer a full turn-key experience. Upon formula and packaging approval, the manufacturing and filing process begins.

SeaCliff Beauty has a full range of compound and filling equipment for powder, liquid and emulsion products.  All compound and filling is performed under current Good Manufacturing Practices and FDA guidelines.

lip gloss fill

After your filled product is off the line, SeaCliff Beauty can ensure that your product is packed properly before shipping out. Including these finishing touches:

applying labels, unit carton packing and shrink wrapping