Making Your Products Stand Out

In past times, packaging was simply a container that held a coveted product for consumers. But today, packaging is key to closing a sale and gaining customers. Whether it be primary or secondary packaging, the usage of colors, fonts and designs is crucial to the creation process.

Understanding the vital role packaging plays in your product is important by connecting  a product with shoppers. However, with more money being spent on packaging and marketing, there is a need to establish criteria for effective packaging that will actually get your product from the shelves to consumers.

There are three key points to consider when selecting packaging:

  • Be recognized – create your brand identity and make a visual association that you want people to have with your products or services

  • Engage shoppers – evoke some kind of message that consumers will relate to and tap into their needs and desires

  • Point-of-Difference – create a logo or design that represents what your company offers as it is the first impression of your brand identity; you can also focus on marketing a particular ingredient or service that is unique from your brand

Akhassa Line



Cosmetic Packaging: Eyeshadow Compacts

TSD-N001_Glamour Sho#A66508

Eye shadow color selections are like shoes, you can never have too many! From single shadow pots to shadow palettes, eye shadow packaging can be customized to your brand’s consumers.

If you are targeting makeup artists, a shadow palette with a wide range of colors and formulations may be their preference as they are working with clients on a daily basis. Because makeup artists go from photo shoots to makeup events, a large pallet with a variety of shades is most convenient to carry.


Palettes are also great for consumers that purchase cosmetics for personal use. It allows them to experiment and try out different color shades offered by your brand. The best palettes to choose contain a wide collection of colors, from neutrals to brighter shades in a blend of matte, shimmer and metallic finishes.


Single shadow pots are great for a brand just starting out with a few SKUs to sell individually before upgrading to palettes for their customers.

These single pots also allow brands to add new SKUs into their product line, such as exclusive seasonal colors, as well as offer popular shades from palettes that are used more often and run out faster.

Many plastic compacts and palettes can be produced with a custom color injection mold and finished with a custom color or metalized spray.  The components can be further customized with the company’s logo and any additional artwork using silk screen or hot stamp printing.

single shadow cases

Cosmetic Applicators

makeup brushes

Cosmetic application requires the right tools to create a flawless look! Whether you are offering makeup tools or need to determine the correct applicators for your brand packaging, our company offers a large selection to complete packaging for your products.

lip applicator

When determining what product and packaging to offer, it is also important to select a unique design that will set you apart from the competition or use a common applicator that consumers are already familiar with. You have to figure out your goals with your packaging in order to go forward with production.

mascara brushes

SeaCliff Beauty Packaging offers a selection of makeup tools, eye liner applicators, lip gloss applicators and mascara brushes that can be customized to your packaging preferences. 

lips collage

Beauty Packaging Capabilities: Production and Fill

At SeaCliff Beauty, we can not stress enough how important our clients are to us. We provide full services from packaging to cosmetic formulations to contract manufacturing. One of the advantages we have is our in-house laboratory where we offer a full turn-key experience. Upon formula and packaging approval, the manufacturing and filing process begins.

SeaCliff Beauty has a full range of compound and filling equipment for powder, liquid and emulsion products.  All compound and filling is performed under current Good Manufacturing Practices and FDA guidelines.

lip gloss fill

After your filled product is off the line, SeaCliff Beauty can ensure that your product is packed properly before shipping out. Including these finishing touches:

applying labels, unit carton packing and shrink wrapping

SeaCliff Beauty Packaging Buzzes with New Vibration Face Applicator

SeaCliff Beauty Packaging & Laboratories introduces an innovative vibration face applicator that can be used to apply cosmetic or skin care products onto the face such as moisturizers, creams, serums, and foundations. The vibration of the applicator allows an even absorption of the product into the skin, as well as helps induce blood circulation with its massaging effect.

skin care

The vibration face applicator is available in two different forms: a sponge applicator and a metal plate applicator. Both can be easily removed for cleaning and maintenance. The sponge applicator comes with an over cap to protect the sponge when not in use.

“Brands can market this unique component with a new or existing product in their line,” says Vonda Simon, owner and president of SeaCliff Beauty Packaging & Laboratories. “The vibration face applicator allows an interesting application technique that is also beneficial for the skin.”

The vibration face applicator can be customized through injection mold and metallization. Decoration options include silkscreen and hot stamp printing. The minimum quantity order for this component is 5,000 pieces.

SeaCliff Beauty Packaging featured in this month’s Beauty Packaging Magazine!

SeaCliff Beauty’s lip gloss design for Naked Princess is featured in the magazine’s “Design Center” spread, showcasing innovative packaging from a variety of suppliers. The component created captures a luxury feel that Naked Princess requested using minimal but intrinsic details.

SeaCliff Beauty Packaging & Laboratories has produced a beautiful lip gloss component for Naked Princess, the new Beverly Hills-based lifestyle brand producing luxury lingerie, eco-chic beauty and body products. The simple design for the brand’s Naked Shine lip gloss is clasped in a clear component to showcase the eight shades of nude colors.

 To maintain consistent with their brand image, Naked Princess wanted a lip gloss component that would capture a world of luxury, enchantment and romance.

Instead of embellishing the component with elaborate decoration, SeaCliff Beauty provided a component with intrinsic details that would capture the luxury feel Naked Princess requested. The cap was sprayed with a custom pearl white color to keep consistency with other Naked Princess products while the body of the component, made of PMMA material, was silk-screened in white with the company’s name. For a smooth and precise product application, a doe foot was chosen for the lip gloss applicator.

“We are honored that Naked Princess chose SeaCliff Beauty to customize a lip component to introduce their new paraben-free lip gloss”, say Vonda Simon, founder and president of SeaCliff Beauty Packaging & Laboratories. “We know that this simple and elegant packaging will fit seamlessly into their line of luxurious products.”

SeaCliff Beauty can customize this 5ml component in a custom color and it can be silk screened on the bottle or cap. The applicator can also be switched out to a lip or mascara brush to provide other product options for this component.